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American Banner Exchange - Free web site promotion in USA! American Banner Exchange - Free web advertsing in USA!

Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) about
advertising with The American Banner Exchange

Q: Is the American Banner Exchange really FREE?

A: Yes! You will never have to pay one cent to participate and get great exposure for your web site across America. There are other free benefits, such as email support and online statistics (number of banner ads displayed, click-through rates, etc.). Since we are giving you 1,000 ad credits to get started and our advertising rate is a penny per impression, it's like we are PAYING YOU $10.00 to sign up!

Q: What makes American Banner Exchange a good promotion tool?

A: To start, you CAN'T beat the price of FREE! Getting regional or national exposure for your product, service, company name, slogan or web site address in a colorful banner ad helps a great deal with name and brand recognition. If your potential customers see it often enough, they remember it. Believe it or not, surveys show banner ads can be as effective as expensive television commercials!

Q: If I join, won't I be sending away visitors from my site to another one?

A: NO! That's the way most banner exchanges work, but NOT THIS ONE! If/when someone clicks on an American Banner Exchange ad displayed on your site, it opens a new browser window to show that other site. But they remain on your site too! When they decide to leave that other site or close that browser window down, they are looking at your site again and should pick right up where they left off.

Q: Do I have to display American Banner Exchange ads on my site?

A: No. You can always buy banner ad impressions for just a penny per impression. But, if you want to redeem the 1,000 free banner ad credits we are offering to you to join, you will need to sign up and add the American Banner Exchange code to a page on your web site. Unlike other banner exchanges, we give YOU the freedom of choice to decide which pages to display it on and where on that page.

Q: If I join, can I also buy more banner ads to promote my web site?

A: Absolutely. At the moment, our price is only a penny per ad impression. Compared to expensive TV, radio and newspaper advertising, a banner ad campaign is DIRT CHEAP and will be ongoing for a LONG time. If you place your American Banner Exchange code on the pages that get the most traffic on your site (home page), you might be able to earn enough credits so you never need to buy more.

Q: How effective is the American Banner Exchange?

A: Compared to other free national or international banner exchanges, we are confident it will be more effective. On some large banner exchanges your 1,000 free credits would be all gone within just a matter of HOURS. We are using geo-targeting so you can limit where your banner ads will be shown. We have only 4 USA regional zones to start, but eventually we will offer targeting to all 50 States.

Q: Can I be SURE this banner exchange will be always be Family-Friendly?

A: YES! You can count on us to always carefully screen potential new members of American Banner Exchange. We do NOT allow any adult, gambling, hate or scam sites period! ALL of the banner ads displayed by our service will be appropriate for kids to see. If you ever see a banner you object to on our service, please let us know. We have a proven track record over several years in this regard.

Q: How does the American Banner Exchange compare to others?

A: There are a LOT of banner exchanges out there. We strive for Quality - not quantity. Some other banner exchanges require their code be placed on your home page, up at the top of any page or both. American Banner Exchange is more like an advertising co-op, we let YOU decide! Some may offer a higher ratio or more free ads to start, but many of these go offline or show your ads on overseas sites.

Q: Why should I pay more for banner advertising at American Banner Exchange?

A: There are some LOW CPM banner advertising rates available, but like just about everything else, you get what you pay for. We don't let any site join, so your ads will run on better web sites than most exchanges. And, because we are just getting started, your campaign will probably go on for a MUCH longer time period - weeks and months compared to hours and days at some heavy volume exchanges.

Q: Do you accept Barter (tradeout) to pay for advertising in your banner exchange?

A: That depends on what product or service you offer. Call us at 843-552-2145 to discuss a trade deal.

Q: What if I don't have a banner for my site yet?

A: Well, you WILL need one to participate in any banner exchange. You can either make your own banner FREE or pay someone to do it for you. We do require all banner ads to be standard size (468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high) in either JPG or GIF format (animation is OK). Your banner ad must be UNDER 15 Kilobytes in file size, so it loads quick. You can use a banner to start and change it later.

Q: How much does it cost to have someone make a banner ad for me?

A: It depends who does it for you. A banner design service currently claiming to be #1 now charges $80.00 for a static banner (no animation) and $150.00 for an animated one. That's too much for most people. If you already have a larger graphic that can be cropped and/or reduced down to 468x60, we can help you could use that to make a simple banner ad for only $10! In general, it depends on how much time it takes a designer to do what you want. It can be FUN to make your own free banner ad!

Q: Can I earn more free credits for convincing another web site owner to join?

A: Yes! If you want to recruit another web site that joins the American Banner Exchange, let us know. We will send you a special link with a custom URL that will give you 500 extra FREE banner ad credits for each site that uses that address to sign up. If you have more than 1 site, you can earn 500 extra ad credits for signing up your other one. The sooner you sign up and add your banner code, the sooner you can start referring other sites for more FREE ad credits. It works automatically!

Q: I'm local. Can I display my banner ad only in the Charleston area or Statewide?

A: YES! To promote a site in just the Greater Charleston, SC area, join Charleston Banner Exchange! Our FREE local exchange also has 4 targeting zones (Downtown, West of the Ashley River, East of the Cooper River and North Area). To promote your ad Statewide, join Carolina Banner Exchange. That is also FREE, with advertising "zones" for North Carolina, South Carolina or BOTH Carolinas!

Q: Is there another FREE web promotion service you can suggest for our web site?

A: Yes. Join the Top Sites of America Web Sites List. Your 468x60 banner rotates on all pages, you can display a description of your site up to 255 characters, it's also good exposure and can be fun! UPDATE: We are proud to announce Top Sites of America was voted as 2007 Topsite of The Year over somewhere between 100,000 and 250,000 similar sites. Organic (Non-Paid) rankings for this site are VERY High in ALL Major Search Engines! Take a look at the Amazing Top Sites of America Total Statistics! We also suggest you try Plug City Plugboard (which allows you to use promotional graphics in other standard image sizes), our Time Banners banner ad promotion site which allows you to run your standard-size 468x60 banner ad worldwide for anywhere from 7 days to 12 months for FREE! Neither of these last 2 web promotion sites require any reciprocal link. Also try Multi-Banners Plugboard too! If you need FREE backlinks to your website from USA based domains, we can suggest both USA Backlinks and/or Backlinks USA.

Q: What if I have a question not listed here?

A: Feel free to send an email to any time. If your question gets asked again (or is great), we will add it here and you'll be immortalized (anonymously of course). Ask a great question that isn't listed and be immortalized free!

Q: Are there any other unique reasons why American Banner Exchange is better?

A: For starters, having your ads shown ONLY in the USA means you won't waste any ad impressions on overseas sites. If you sell products, you are less likely to have to deal with Customs or converting to and from a foreign currency. We also run Public Service Ads for safety reminders and other things that can improve the quality of American life. Another important difference is the code we ask you to put on your site. Unlike most banner exchanges, our HTML code fragment can validate to meet W3C quality standards.

Q: How will the American Banner Exchange code look on my web page(s)?

A: To help recruit more quality web sites to join our co-op network, American Banner Exchange uses a custom fast-loading (Under 2 Kb.) logo to the left of rotating banner and a plain text link. If your site won't allow this width to be used, you can remove the American Exchange logo (if you know how to do this). If so, consider changing the text link to be shown in bold. Look directly below for an example of how the default code looks. Refresh your browser to see it rotate. (NOTE: Refresh may not update in Firefox browser!)

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