American Banner Exchange is for USA Web Site Ads ONLY!

American Banner Exchange

American Banner Exchange

How the American Banner Exchange works

NOTICE: ONLY USA web sites are eligible to participate in the American Banner Exchange!

The concept is quite simple. As a member of the American Banner Exchange, you agree to display banner ads of other members somewhere on your web site. In return, your web site banner ad will be displayed on the web sites of other members who have joined the exchange. The American Banner Exchange uses the standard 2:1 exchange rate. With the 1,000 free banner ads you earn for signing up ($10.00 value), you may never need to buy extra credits.

For every 2 banners shown on your site, you earn one additional impression credit to have your banner displayed on another member site. Once your American Banner Exchange code is in place and your banner ad has been approved, you'll have 1,000 banner ad credits to start.

Unlike most banner exchanges, when somebody clicks a banner on your site, THEY DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SITE! Instead, a new browser window is opened for them to view the other site. After they close down that window, they are right back where they were on YOUR site. This insures visitors remain on your site! What you gain is additional exposure to other people who have never visited your web site. For a business site, these are all potential new customers for you!

The American Banner Exchange is similar to the highly successful Carolina Banner Exchange and is also using the same software. After more than 5 years, that service for web sites based in North Carolina or South Carolina only has now reliably delivered over a MILLION banner ads without a problem! If your web site is now based in Charleston, South Carolina, you might prefer to join the Charleston Banner Exchange, where your banner ad rotates to local sites only.

For all 3 of these banner exchanges, you can rest assured that only child-safe web sites and banners will be allowed. No inappropriate web sites will be approved. If questionable, we will err on the side of caution. This is the primary reason we started a banner exchange in the first place! The typical free banner exchange always seemed to include some banner ads leading to sleazy web sites that were NOT appropriate for kids. We wanted to tap into the power of banner advertising, while insuring we maintain a family-friendly environment. For example, you will never see a banner ad for a casino here!

For the American Banner Exchange, we will start with ad targeting for 4 USA regional areas - Northeast USA, Southeast USA, Midwest USA and West USA. While it may seem better to offer geo-targeting to all 50 states from the beginning, the reality is we need at least 3 members in every state to have ANY banner ad rotation at all. Having at least 6 members in every state is our goal! We will actively recruit new members from smaller states such as Delaware and Rhode Island.

We must ask for your patience during this process. If you decide to join later, that's OK. But, there will be advantages and a REWARD for all web sites that join our first 3 years! This reward may include FREE bonus ad credits and/or a chance to win a HUGE number of impression credits, possibly 1 MILLION FREE Banner Ads! Rewards will be given to all existing members as soon as we can offer new members geo-targeting to all 50 States. Progress to this goal continues.

Yes, having a random drawing for 1 million free banner ads might sound a bit silly, but that could sound good and prove interesting in press releases we plan to run nationwide, in smaller states and/or states with a lower population. How long it will take to get 3-6 members in every state is unknown now. As an incentive for YOU to recruit new members into the American Banner Exchange, you will earn an additional 500 FREE banner ad credits for each new member that joins!

We also suggest you sign up your web site for the Top Sites of America Web Sites List. If you are not familiar with what a topsite list is, take a look! This is our anchor site for the American Banner Exchange. If you have choose to have your banner ad display "USA Nationwide" during sign up, your banner ad will rotate at the bottom of every page on this site. This is a BIG Deal! As seen from Top Sites of America Total Statistics page, it's had Over 20 MILLION Total Page Views (TPVs). Your cost to Join? Nothing, it's FREE for ALL Kid-Safe USA Sites!

Once we have enough members in each state, we will expand your targeting options to include those states. You can pick any combination of regional targeting zones at sign up and can always change these later. If you do not want ads for other sites to display on yours, you can buy banner ads in our network. Advertising prices start at only 1 cent per ad impression. NEW: For a limited time, you can now pay a one-time $25.00 fee to permanently enjoy a much higher 3:2 advertising display ratio. This means you earn 2 credits to show your banner for every 3 banners you display for other exchange members. How long this offer will remain available is unknown and be aware it may be withdrawn at any time. If you still need to make a banner ad, create one from Make Banner Ads Free!

The goal at American Banner Exchange is to offer HIGH-QUALITY Family-Friendly USA Websites for you to place your advertising on, so your ad can be more effective. In short, we want Quality, NOT quantity! Advertising on lots of poor quality websites is rarely effective. For paid advertisers, cheaper high volume banner exchanges usually means your banner ad campaign ends much sooner. At some other banner exchanges, your ad campaign may only last for HOURS - instead of days, weeks, months or even years! At American Banner Exchange, we are NOT trying to be the biggest OR the cheapest. We want to be the BEST and the most effective, while allowing webmasters to decide where to place our banner exchange ads. You can also rest assured your ad will NOT run on any inappropriate sites. Likewise, you need not worry about inappropriate banners being seen on your site either. This is why American Banner Exchange is different!

Why Banner ads have come back!

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